Pamper Your Child With These Baby Care Products

A baby’s laughter is enough to take away your entire day’s stress and load. They are a gift to the family.

Such a special bundle of joy needs all the tenderness and love possible and more. For this reason, here are some essential baby care tips that are needed by every new mother.

We have discussed a few baby care products which you would need for your toddler.

Baby oils

Baby oils help protect your baby’s soft skin and moisturize at the same time. While using oil, you can massage your baby more easily and make it relaxing for them. Baby oils have many nutrients and minerals which can be absorbed by the baby’s skin and the soft, regular massage can strengthen the bond between the parents and their little bundles of joy.

One of my friends who recently had her daughter faced severe problems when it came to her baby’s itchy skin. Her baby, Mia, had an overly sensitive skin which made bath and nap time even more cumbersome for her and her baby. Even when she tried to burp Mia, she would be fussier and difficult to put her to sleep.

After much consultation from paediatrics and dermatologists, she came to know that her baby had very sensitive skin (babies usually have 30% thinner skin compared to adults and the friction of her rubbing her baby without any medium made Mia irritable) and they advised her to use baby oil before bath time and nap time.

It worked wonders for her as Mia now could enjoy both her bath and nap time.

Though there are plenty of baby oils found, you will have to carefully choose them. Choose one that is odourless and edible as your baby might somehow end up putting a little in their mouth.

Here are few of the best baby oils we recommend for your baby.

Baby shampoos, Soaps & Baby Wash

A baby’s skin loses moisture up to five times faster than that of an adult. Hence, the need for skincare products that replenish lost moisture and nutrients into baby’s skin.

Shampoo can help loosen spit-up, food, oils, and anything else that gets into the baby’s hair. However, because it removes oil, it can also cause the hair to dry out. The right baby shampoo is gentle enough to use regularly and will not dry out their scalp or hair. Baby skin is thinner and dries out much faster than adult skin, so choosing a gentle, baby-friendly shampoo can help keep their skin from getting dry and itchy.

In case of baby soap or body wash, use a baby wash or very mild soap – the kind that does not really lather up – to clean your child for the first 12 months. Skincare products formulated for babies are gentler and less likely to irritate the skin, and babies just do not need the deep lathering effects of regular soap.

Here are some baby shampoos, baby soaps and baby body wash we have used and would recommend that you use too.


Diapers are used as an alternative to cloth nappies. It has three layers comprising of the inner soft layer which sits against the baby’s soft skin, an absorbent layer which absorbs all the waste material and keeps it away from the baby to avoid rashes. And the outer covering is the waterproof side which prevents the waste materials from leaking out of the diaper.

A diaper is lightweight and very comfortable for your baby as it is easily wearable as well. They are breathable and retains moisture of the baby’s skin. It works for 4-5 hours easily making your baby feel comfortable. A diaper keeps the skin of your baby dry and does not lead to frequent rashes.

Diapers need to be chosen carefully as a bad material can result in diaper rash because of either the inner layer or the absorbent layer not working properly. Rashes occur on the skin due to its exposure to soiled nappy or diaper for longer hours as it causes redness and infection on the skin.

Here are some Diapers we would recommend to parents


Babies have a strong sucking reflex which can be curbed by sucking their thumbs. Here, pacifiers are used instead, to calm your fussy baby, especially near nap time. It has a soothing effect.

It might also come as a distraction especially if your baby is scheduled or some shots. It could help your baby fall asleep but you would have to be careful to not use it every time your baby starts crying. Pacifiers are used so your baby would not succumb to thumb sucking all the time but prolonged use of pacifiers can also cause lead to dental problems and disrupt breastfeeding.

Ideally, it should be given to babies who are at least 3 to 4 weeks old and you have settled into a nursing routine. Keep it clean by boiling it frequently till at least your babies are 6 months old. After 6 months, you may rinse it with soap and water. Often some parents would put honey or other sweet substances on the pacifier to entice their babies, but we would suggest you not to do so.

Here are some of our recommended pacifiers for your baby:

Baby care is a vast topic, and we have covered the top 4 essential baby care product we feel are necessary for your cute, little bundles of joy. Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the recommended products and if you want us to make write more reviews, covering more products.

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