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Hello! Dear Lovely Mothers!

Are you struggling with your responsibility of having to take care of your child at night?

Congratulations for embracing new journey of motherhood. For a first- time mommy, raising a child must be little tough especially after the clock strikes midnight.

Hence having the right kind of knowledge is extremely necessary as it plays a very important role in creating a healthy bond between the baby and the mother and also enables good growth and development of the baby. 

Let me share with you some tips which might ease your night responsibilities and make you your baby’s favorite. Now, Sit back and relax, dear Superwoman.

Because with the birth of a child, a mother is born too

The baby is new to the world and so are you in the journey of motherhood. The understanding between you and a little soul who cannot verbalize nor express will make things difficult for both of you. On some nights you might find your baby sleeping peacefully and on some nights your night will land you into a battle field. Patience and perseverance with a lot of alertness can help you get out of the emotional and physically draining situation.

So let us start with,

Preparing the room for your child at night

A dark and a well-ventilated room will help the baby to rest without any uneasiness. Make sure that your baby’s bedding is warm, firm and comfy and soothing. The mattress should be enduring, soothing and supportive. Keep the room free of bugs and mosquitoes so that your baby gets sufficient rest at night.

Alright now let me tell you about,

Storing Milk

You can keep the milk prepared for your baby for 2 hours but make sure to not use it again after an hour if your baby has put their mouth in it. In this way you can be prepared to attend your baby at the necessity hour.

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Getting excited to know more? Then let’s read on,

Necessary items should be near you

Before you go to bed, keep the diaper, wet wipes, emergency medicines and milk formula near you and set your alarm before the nursing time which will leave you with time to wake up unhurriedly.

Do you know that?

Keeping your baby busy during the day can improve sleep?

Some babies might take a long time to sleep while some might still feel active. Infants do not have a sleep routine as they cannot understand the difference between day and night, but you can sleep train a toddler. Maximize their day activities and reduce their day-time naps which will help them to have a peaceful and relaxing sleep at night.  You can swaddle, holding your baby to your skin will make your baby feel warm, secure, and safe.

If you have a feeding chart prepared you will know when to feed your child at night.

Baby Feeding Chart

This chart will help you:

  • Newborns need to be fed every 2-3 hours.
  • 1–3-month old babies need to be fed every 3-4 hours.
  • 3-6 month old children need to be fed every 4 or 6 hours.
  • 6-9 months old babies need to be fed every 3-4 hours.
  • 9-12 months old babies have to be fed every 6-8 hours.

Use your motherly telepathy,

Know your baby

When the baby needs are understood, the care for the particular wails gets simpler too.

Understand it is a gentle and slow learning process. On days when the cries don’t stop even after the baby is well fed, there are possibilities that he/ she might feel some uneasiness. Look for the signs which will help you to act accordingly. Ask your doctor and keep certain list of medicine prepared beforehand so with the assistance you can quickly comfort your baby during the night hour.

Coming to the important reminder,

Keep your sleeping baby safe

Keep your baby in your room but let your baby sleep in a safe crib. The mattress of the crib is firmer than the adult’s bed. Also, the adult bed with parents around the baby might make the baby feel trapped or feel suffocated. Make sure your child sleeps on his/her back, keep your baby’s face and head uncovered.  Get your baby right size crib as they are little explorers.

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Cheers to team parents! Go Team!

Rotate Night Shift with your Spouse

Discuss and schedule your baby’s feeding time with your spouse. If both of you manage the child at night, then the bond between the two of you will grow. You both are a team, you can do it!

Trust me this works.

Invest in good Diapers

Choosing comfortable diapers plays an important role during the infant age. All the diapers might not be comfortable for your baby hence choose a good quality according to your baby’s age and skin.

Keep an eye on the baby’s diaper specially after feeding. Some baby will let you know by giving a cry and some will not. Use soft cloth or wet wipes to makes sure the baby has no rashes on the skin and the night stays dry and comfortable for the baby.

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Let’s get back to memory lane.

Lullaby Magic

Do you remember the lullaby which your mother used to sing you to sleep? Well, it is the time to rewind.  Any lullaby will still get us back to sleep no matter the age. Your baby is no different. The soothing sound of the lullaby will not only help the baby fall asleep but also help the baby when she wakes up suddenly during the night. So, sing your baby its favorite lullaby for tonight. 

Hoping the guide will not only help you to take care of your child at night but in return your baby will take care of you.  Always remember to take time out to rest and do self-care, seek advice from experienced mothers.

Stay positive. You are doing great! You will be a great mother! All the very Best!

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